How is the Global Youth Caucus on Land and Desertification (UNCCD Youth Caucus) Structured?

  • UNCCD Youth Caucus:The UNCCD Youth Caucus comprises all members (entities; and individuals through MGCY) and all structures.
  • Constituency/Working Groups:This is the structure that directly facilitates and coordinates formal engagement and participation in respective UNCCD processes and/or avenues along the Youth Caucus’ areas of work. The Constituency/Working Groups are coordinated by Global Focal Points (GFPs)
  • Regional Caucuses:This includes all the member entities in a specific region (Asia Pacific, Western Asia, Latin America and Caribbean, Africa, Western Europe and Others). They coordinate the work on the UNCCD Youth Caucus at the regional level. 

How is the UNCCD Youth Caucus coordinated?

  • Global Focal Points (GFPs):They are responsible for the overall facilitation of the specific constituency/working group/substantive area and its tasks. They are member entities that execute the mandate through nominated individuals. They are directly elected through the membership.
  • Regional Focal Points:They are responsible for regional participation and mobilisation for the respective constituencies/working groups, and may be member entities or individuals nominated by member entities, including CYI (if they can demonstrate substantial links with regional youth entities).
  • Thematic Focal Points:They support the coordination of a broad or narrow substantive topic of focus, as determined by the relevant policy framework or the constituency/working group. They may be member entities or individuals nominated by member entities, including CYI.

Meet the current Mandate holders

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