Who we are

The Global Youth Caucus on Land and Desertification (UNCCD Youth Caucus) is the formal and dedicated youth engagement mechanism of the United Nations to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). 

What we do

The UNCCD Youth Caucus promotes youth engagement in other desertification-related initiatives in the multilateral system. We work on a range of issues at the global, regional, national, and grassroots levels across the pillars and areas of work of UNCCD. Our areas of work include the following:


    We offer young people a platform that empowers them to take the lead, join, showcase, and share innovative and effective actions addressing the needs of both people and the planet.


    We facilitate activities for young people to enhance their understanding, knowledge, and skills in relation to Land and Desertification, meaningful engagement, and the UN system.


    We facilitate the collective participation of young people in official, formal and informal avenues of policy design, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review at all levels.


The UNCCD Youth Caucus aligns itself with the vision of MGCY and seeks to build a world on the collective principles of solidarity, justice, diversity, equity, universality, inclusion, human rights, and the integrity of the planet. We strive for a resilient world where young people and all rights holders in all their diversity are equals in decision making.

Mandate and Governance 

The UNCCD Youth Caucus received its primary mandates directly from the UNCCD parties upon adoption of the Youth Forum statement at COP14 in New Delhi resolutions.


In order to effectively facilitate engagement, the UNCCD Youth Caucus has working and coordination structures. These are responsible for different aspects of Caucus’ work. In addition, the UNCCD Youth Caucus has several formal mandated positions. They may be member entities or individuals nominated by member entities and have a predetermined mandate period and Terms of Reference. Find out more about the team structure…